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  • Eric Min

    Eric Min

  • Robert Scoble

    Robert Scoble

    Spatial Computing Research at Infinite Retina.

  • Vinícius Baggio Fuentes

    Vinícius Baggio Fuentes

    Breaking things on the internet. Engineer at large.

  • Martin Aumont

    Martin Aumont

    Engineer @ Twitter, Montrealer, passionate about programming, web development, natural languages, travelling, cats and simplicity

  • Greg Gretsch

    Greg Gretsch

    Father, Husband, Cyclist, Runner, Entrepreneur (Connectify, etc.), Venture Capitalist (@upwork @strava @youdontknowjack @jackboxgames @zenput @cornershopapp)

  • Gustavo Gorenstein

    Gustavo Gorenstein

    I believe in understanding the problem before jumping to solutions. Co-founder at http://bxblue.com

  • André Teixeira

    André Teixeira

    Software Engineer

  • Bruno Pedroso

    Bruno Pedroso

  • Fabio Kung

    Fabio Kung

    Brazilian Software Nerd at Netflix

  • Marcos Beto

    Marcos Beto

    Apprentice entrepreneur.

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